Shooting Expired Kodak Film

Last year I won the Ginnel Foto Fest Analogue awards. Part of my prize was being sent a box full of film. Some I’ve used before such as portra and Agfa, but there was also a roll of Kodak Tri X medium format film estimated to be 50 years old.

I have always wanted to shoot it so last weekend when me and my cousin went to Peacehaven. A small suburban town on the English coast where my cousin, Harry, grew up.

I got some surprisingly good results..

Scan 1

Scan 2

Scan 3

Scan 4

Scan 5

Scan 6

Scan 8

Scan 10

Scan 11


If you ever get your hands on some expired film be sure to double check if your local lab develops it. After walking 40 minutes to mine it turns out they don’t develop expired films. If you’re based in the UK I would strongly recommend AG Photolab who are super friendly and based in Birmingham. I sent the film off on Wednesday and got it back today!

Reservoir Views

Making the most of a bank holiday weekend day here in England I headed to Arlington Reservoir. It has a beautiful walk around the reservoir which takes you through the country side which takes around an hour.


Shooting in Golden Hour

If your looking to improve your photography utilising the golden hour is a must. This is considered the hour (or two) after sunrise and before sunset. Midday-sun creates strong contrasts and often over saturated images. Whereas the golden hour provides much softer colours. While visiting my family for Easter I went for a walk around the suburban surroundings, taking photos of what could be considered boring subjects but showcasing how golden hour brings out a different, often more preferable colour palette.

I’ve spent the last 3 days visiting exhibitions all around London including the Sony Photography Awards at Somerset House (go see it!). In the meantime I’m getting back to updating my Instagram with photos from my exhibitions adventures, with a bit of street photography thrown in for good measure..


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Street Photography in the Suburban South

I have always been drawn to photography outside the studio setting; documentary, travel, street photography etc. And recently the latter has been my main focus. I’ve spent the last week out and about traveling around London and the South photographing the residents of the suburbs in the abnormally bright British sun.


Brighton City Guide

During the week I headed to my hometown of Brighton and filled my time taking photographs.Since moving away I see Brighton from a different perspective, feeling more like an in-the-know tourist. So I decided to create a City Guide.


Brighton City Guide

Just an hour away from the hustle and bustle of London lays Brighton, a seaside city with a lot to offer. It’s famed for its quirky social scene, plethora of restaurants and pebble beach. Over a quarter of a million people call this place home and this might be why.


Brighton Museum

Being a resident offers many perks including free entry to the Brighton Museum. The museum is a mix of permanent and temporary displays with a heavy focus on local culture. Often referring to the local football team Brighton and Hove Albion, currently in the second tier. You can find them at the American Express Stadium; tickets are highly sought after for any games being played in this state of the art stadium. Designed by London based architects KSS who designed the redevelopment of Court No.1 at Wimbledon. The football club runs a successful charity, which aims to increase engagement and participation in sport in the local community.


Brighton is bucking the trend of having run-down areas surrounding the main train station. Adjacent to the station is New England Quarter, built on land previously owned by British Rail. It offers affordable housing; pedestriansed areas, cafes and some-much needed parking spaces.



Residents’ Apartments

A more controversial addition to the Brighton skyline is the British Airways sponsored i360. Offering a 360 view at 136 metres high its not been as successful as some may have hoped. It’s early days and something a bit of re-branding and ticket price reductions could potentially solve.




The Level

As with any busy city having well-designed open spaces and public parks is a must. In previous years finding a safe place to relax and let children play was a struggle in some areas, but this is beginning to change. The Level , underwent a much-needed restoration in 2013, it is now a vibrant open space, home to a skate park, play area and a diverse community. The purpose built £50 million library and 19th century theatre royal & Royal Pavilion offer greenery and benches for tourists and residents to take the weight off their feet.


Brighton Pavilion

The infamous pebble beach is a very popular choice for tourists in the summer and locals in the winter to sit back, take a break and enjoy the sea view. The art scene is thriving in Brighton and these open spaces are often utilised for art & photography exhibitions. Including the Brighton photo fringe and Photography biennial – the UK’s leading curated photography festival.


Photography Exhibition on the Beach


Stairs with added Graffiti

 Home to an annual food and drink festival the city is filled with food enthusiasts and has the restaurants to match. The diverse restaurants dotted around the North Lanes cater for almost everything dietary requirement imaginable. Including vegans and vegetarians at the highly recommended Wai Kika Moo Kau (literally pronounced as why kick a moo cow).


My Friend Amy Enjoying a Burger at Meat Liquor

 For those wanting to brave the Sea breeze there are a number of potential venues for you too dance or drink your night away. Voted the best venue in the south 13 times The Komedia is a safe bet with weekly comedy nights, a cosy bar now housing a picture house cinema. Alternatively you could follow the route of the oldest working electric railway along the seafront to one of Europe’s largest man-made marinas. A curved side-walk leads you around the 30 newly opened restaurants which sit beneath luxury apartments.

Brighton is an inclusive city that is moulded around its diverse residents. Although improvements need to be made like increasing the number safe cycling routes the laid back atmosphere and happy-go-lucky culture can make it hard to leave.

Key Brighton Dates:
Brighton Marathon: 9th April
Brighton Festival: 6th-28th May
Artists Open Houses: 6th-28th May
Brighton Pride: 4-6th August
Burning of the Clocks: 21st December
Brighton Food & Drink Festival 2017: TBC
Brighton Photography Biennial: End of 2018


I am very excited to be flying to Iceland in the early hours of tomorrow morning! I have packed both digital and film cameras along with a range of film; portra, lomochrome purple and ilford black & white. I will be posting an Iceland travel diary on this blog and photos on my Instagram so stay tuned!


New Year’s Day Photography Walk

To celebrate the start of a new year, Arundel, in West Sussex, was chosen as the location for the traditional New Year’s Day walk. The sun shone down for brief moments casting beautiful shadows across the South Downs National Park. There were hundreds of families braving the rain and fellow photographers enjoying the slowly-extending winter light. I chose to photograph in black and white to emphasise the contrasts created by the morning sunlight.














Fog Capture

With flights delayed and traffic jams around the country I grabbed my camera to capture the nuisance, fog.








It was incredibly beautiful with the sheep camouflaged and fog rolling through the hills looking like clouds. I also finished my first roll of film on my new Pentax K1000 which is currently being developed, I am very excited to see the results.

Photography Adventures Over the First of the Seven Sisters Cliffs

I have always wanted to walk over and photograph the seven sisters cliffs on the East Sussex Coast. But I had no perspective of the size of them or the distance between each one. So I decided to walk from Seaford and over to the first ‘sister’ as it’s the highest one and could act as a look out to the others. Luckily it was a sunny, clear day and I could see all the cliffs which look like they could be walked in one day. But until then these are the photos from checking out the area: