Paddling Out to Sea

Over the weekend the biggest annual free beach festival returned to my hometown of Brighton, UK.  ‘Paddle Round the Pier’ features numerous events including DIY boats and paddle boarding out to sea and around the pier. Everybody gets dressed up, smothers themselves in sun cream and gets paddling..



Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 21.45.07




There is also a fair which comes with food stalls, rides and music stages. It takes place over the whole weekend, although most of us were indoors watching England at the World Cup on Saturday…




A Snapshot of Hastings

Hastings; located on the English south coast and famous for the Battle of Hastings in 1066. It now has over 90,000 residents and a brand new pier. I spent yesterday photographing the new pier and residents of this increasingly popular seaside town.


Exploring the South Coast & Photographing Portsmouth

Keeping true to my new years resolution of spending more time exploring my home country of England I headed along the South Coast along to Portsmouth, Hampshire. Home to one of the worlds most famous ports its the location of the largest dockland for the Royal Navy. I have been to Portsmouth a couple of times before; for a graduation and to watch Brighton play football but never just to look around and take some photographs.

It is well worth a visit with harbour-side walks,friendly locals and  the spinnaker tower providing views across the city.



Iceland Travel Diary: Day 02

Our first full day started off with a walk along the bay. The black rock creates a striking contrast with the blue North Atlantic Sea and green open spaces. The few houses along the bay are quirkily coloured,  Scandinavian-like designs.  Tourists lined the route, taking in the view in through the frosty morning air.


Our aim was to reach the main harbour but we allowed ourselves a quick detour to Cafe Haiti. A cute and (most importantly) warm cafe just minutes from the harbour. I had a delicious brownie with a free helping of whipped cream.


Cafe Haiti

The reason we were heading to the harbour was to board a boat to go Whale watching in the North Atlantic Ocean! I was a little worried about being on a boat as I had a frightening experience off the coast of Ireland, the waves were so un-expectably huge it felt like being in a washing machine and the crew did a body count. Luckily my worries were unfounded and the sea was a still as can be.


Me onboard the boat showcasing the beautiful ‘Floatation Suit’ and my Pentax K1000

Within 10 minutes of leaving the harbour we spotted a whale and then were treated to an incredible display by a pod of dolphins. This was the first whale i’ve ever seen and the closest i’ve ever been to dolphins, a moment to remember for sure. All together we were on the boat for 4 hours but the time flew by and before I knew it we were heading back to the fog engulfed harbour.




We were due to take a trip out to central Iceland to see the northern lights but we’ve decided to reschedule due to the cloudy weather conditions. So we wandered around the streets of the capital, Reykjavik, which included  seeing the much-recommended and beautiful Tjörnin pond (although its more like a lake). Due to the closeness of the airport, every now and then you get to see a plane flying low across the horizon, a surreal sight above such a quiet city.


Tomorrow we have another full day, I’m really excited to be trying out the Lomochrome Purple Film in my Pentax and seeing more of this incredible island.


New Video: Fundamental (A Photographic Survey)

While living in Seaford I wanted to create a project to focus on. Very quickly it became clear that I  was being drawn to the beautifully peaceful seafront. Often being blown along by what felt like gale-force winds I photographed the seafront at least 3 times a week. Sometimes to no avail but sometimes capturing something new. Below is a video I created using a mixture of video and photographs:

Exhibition & Zine Update Plus New Photography

I am currently working on a new project focusing on the East Sussex town of Seaford and the quirks and colours that come with living by the sea.


I also have some work featured in the latest Xerox And Destroy Zine. The exhibition of the images opened yesterday in Exeter until 31st October as part of the Unveil’d photo festival so check it out if your around.



Photography Adventures Over the First of the Seven Sisters Cliffs

I have always wanted to walk over and photograph the seven sisters cliffs on the East Sussex Coast. But I had no perspective of the size of them or the distance between each one. So I decided to walk from Seaford and over to the first ‘sister’ as it’s the highest one and could act as a look out to the others. Luckily it was a sunny, clear day and I could see all the cliffs which look like they could be walked in one day. But until then these are the photos from checking out the area:


Walking 13km to Explore the Land Between Hope Gap and Newhaven (Black & White Photographs)

Near my temporary home in Seaford is a little known beach, Hopes Gap. So I decided to walk from the industrial town of Newhaven over the cliffs to Hopes Gap and photograph the changing landscape. If your around East Sussex I would definitely recommend checking out the tide times, packing a lunch and heading over to Hopes Gap.