Iceland Travel Diary: Day 01

With the alarm waking me up at 6am I headed for the first of two trains to get to Gatwick. The 1.5  hour train journey went without a hitch, a nice surprise given the current state of the British transport system. The two hour wait at the airport didn’t go quite so smoothly. Waiting to drop off our bags at check-in, a women in front of us fainted, luckily she was with her family but no one could get past so we all had to perform a bit of a re-shuffle.


The flight from Gatwick to Reykjavik was just 2 hours, aside from some turbulence an wholly enjoyable flight, until we landed.. The bumpy landing was greeted by an airport crew who needed 4 attempts to attach the stairs to get us off. It then took half an hour for our cases to make an appearance. But none of this mattered, we weren’t in a rush and all the airport staff were really happy and friendly.


We had pre-booked a coach to get to our hotel. It was ready waiting for us and dropped us to the front door of our hotel.

With the sun setting (around 6pm) we headed out to see what we could of Reykjavik. After taking the first of many photographs we found ourselves at a popular pizzeria stuffing our faces with pizza as we hadn’t had the chance to grab food since getting off the plane. First impressions are very good so far, snow-capped mountains, brightly coloured  houses and helpful locals.Here are a selection of today’s photographs:


Tomorrow we are heading out on the open water whale watching followed by a trip into the wilderness to (hopefully) witness the Northern Lights!