Poetry Photography.

I am very excited to be working on a new project with a Brighton based poet, Harrison Wallace. I will be  shooting the cover of his new book and taking photographs to accompany his poems for the online promotion. More information on the book will follow, in the mean time here are a few tasters:

What If

The worst combination of two words ever to come to a persons head, as the amount of false hope those two words can create is

heart breaking

mind boggling

anxiety inducing

friendship ruining

pain consuming

bastard phrase

so for those reasons I wish to inform what and if to tell them to stay well away from each other for the sake of over romantic boys and girls everywhere.

These Hands

These hands have seen work

These hands have seen pain

These hands have gained scares

These hands tell a story

These hands convey my emotions

These hands do what I want

These hands are mine and always will be

I Didn’t

I didn’t move

I couldn’t

I shouldn’t

I didn’t

I cant now

As I wouldn’t

I shouldn’t

I shan’t

An Empty Chalice 

As I sit here staring at a empty chalice it reminds me of life,  how there’s so much to fill it with and where I have merely started, just like the condensation at the bottom of the glass. The base has been smashed away just like me this chalice is broken but still trying to do its soul purpose so I sit,I think,I ponder.

Find him on Tumblr: hwa11ace.tumblr.com

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