Documenting East London: Columbia Road Flower Market

Having recently moved to East London I’ve been wanting to explore the different areas and capture the unique East London atmosphere. Taking place every week, Columbia Road Flower Market is the place to spend your sunday and barter for your flowers.


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Reservoir Views

Making the most of a bank holiday weekend day here in England I headed to Arlington Reservoir. It has a beautiful walk around the reservoir which takes you through the country side which takes around an hour.


Photographing Planes (it’s cooler than you think)

Admittedly I was a bit skeptical when a friend told me he heads to West London most weekends to plane spot. But with a free day I decided to splash £1.50 on the bus and head to Hatton Cross Station (apparently the place to be).  The suburban area was littered with green spaces, many filled with horses. It was a long wait for the first plane but it was worth it, they fly so close overhead you feel like you could touch the wheels. After an hour I had seen two planes but the english weather had got the better of me, but I’ll definitely be back to photograph the planes against a sunny blue sky (hopefully).

You can catch me on Instagram @madisonbeachphotos or over on my website 

Lines of a city Part II

I really enjoyed photographing the intricacies of Canterbury when I visited for the first time back in January. So I decided to extend the project to cities ( and admittedly yes, some towns) on the South Coast. At the beginning of the year I set myself the task of exploring more of the British Isles, I’m using photography as my guide, helping me enjoy some of the less-scenic locations I’ve visited.

Let me know anywhere you’ve visited in the UK and would recommend, I think Scotland is next on my list. I’m still editing the thousands of photos I took in Iceland am keeping my Instagram updated @madisonbeachphotos and slowly getting round to updating my website

Seeing the Northern Lights For the First Time

This time last week I was in my Reykjavik hotel room putting on as many thermal layers as my body would allow in preparation for our midnight adventure; northern light hunting. I was a little naive before I touched down in Iceland, I assumed they would be visible most nights in an Icelandic winter.Nope. When we arrived we spoke to numerous people who had been there for over a week and there had be no sighting of these mysterious lights due to cloud.

We arrived on monday with tickets for that evening to be taken out on a coach to the middle of nowhere to witness the lights. It was cancelled and we re-scheduled for tuesday. Needless to say it was cancelled again and again. We were slowly running out of hope until we woke up on thursday, our last full day, and the sun was shining through the clouds.

We were picked up at 9pm and drove an hour South-West from Reykjavik to the edge of the ocean (although it was so dark we had no idea). The city lights were dull in the distance allowing for whats known as black spot to provide the perfect backdrop for the northern lights..



A dodgy photo of me looking the wrong to prove I was actually there


Iceland was one of the most photogenic countries I’ve ever visited. I shot hours of footage while travelling and have put it into a short video:

I shot 4 rolls of film which I’m very excited to be picking up today, I’ll be posting the photos on the blog and to my instagram @madisonbeachphotos

Capturing Canterbury

One of my aims this year is to see as much of the UK as possible. I’m aiming to explore somewhere new every month. First up was Canterbury, Kent. I chose Canterbury as a lot of my friends who live in Kent spend a lot of time here so I decided to see what all the fuss was about..

Despite being a freezing winter day the city was buzzing with shoppers and a few tourists. The walled city houses a beautiful cathedral and a couple of riverside walks. It has an eclectic mix of  shops and some tasty (and some not so) restaurants and cafes. I would definitely recommend a day trip if you visit Kent (aptly known as the garden of England).


Suburban Sunday Snaps

Last weekend I headed out with my trusty Pentax K1000 and some Portra film. I set out to capture what its like to spend a weekend filling your time when you live in the suburbs.

I’m now getting used to my fully-manual Pentax and adapting to low light conditions.  The camera is currently holding black and white ISO 400 film, I’m really looking forward to the results.

I’ve got an incredibly exciting (and scarily busy) few weeks coming up including moving to London, traveling to Iceland for the first time and a zine feature. I’ll keep you updated on all my photography and travel adventures.




Shooting South Coast Landscapes//35mm

Still getting used to my new Pentax K1000 I put it to the test shooting English landscapes using Portra 160 film.  These newly developed shots are from my new years day walk in Arundel and exploring the south coast beaches as the tide went out














Pentax Snapshots//Testing Depth of Field

Since featuring my new Pentax K1000 on my post Automatic Vs Manual  I have received lots of messages asking about the cameras performance. So I decided to shoot a roll of Portra film, testing out the 50mm f/2.8 fixed lens depth of field capabilties.








I am still adapting to the nature of a fully manual Pentax  but i’m having fun taking my time with it and testing its versatility. I’m enjoying the fixed lens and by having an aperture of f/2.8 it provides an effective depth of field.