Shooting Dungeness in Black & White

Dungeness is one of my favourite places in England. It’s not exactly what you would call a summer getaway. Its main attraction is two huge power stations but it also has a beautiful lighthouse which first opened in 1904.

It’s often referred to as Englands only Desert although technically speaking.. it’s a huge shingle beach owned by the energy company EDF.

I also knew I was going to desaturate the images during post-production, I just feel like black and white suits the atmosphere of Dungeness better..

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 15.42.30

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 15.42.46

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Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 15.43.22

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 15.43.36

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 15.43.51

A Bangladesh Travelogue

I have spent the last 3 days putting together a video of my time in Bangladesh, and then holding back the tears every time my laptop decided to restart itself (at least 10 times!) but here it is, I hope you enjoy it and it gives a small glimpse into the amazing landscapes and people you’ll find in Bangladesh:


Reservoir Views

Making the most of a bank holiday weekend day here in England I headed to Arlington Reservoir. It has a beautiful walk around the reservoir which takes you through the country side which takes around an hour.


Photographing with Purple Film

When I first started shooting film at 16 Lomography products were brilliant fun to use. But as I began to take photography more seriously and studied at university the inconsistency  became more of an annoyance and money sapper. Days before I headed of to Iceland I spotted the Lomochrome Purple 35mm film at my local photography shop. I made a quick impulse purchase of two films and packed them for my trip.

The film works best in bright conditions with a  lot of green in the frame. When we touched down in Iceland I realised I made the right choice. The northern part of the island was covered in snow but the other half? a beautiful, natural, deep Green. The contrasts created by the strong winter sun and volcanic land was going to be the best introduction back into Lomography.


I shot these on my Pentax K1000. Unfortunately I only had time to shoot one film and have already planned a trip to my favourite forest in Southern England to fill the frames and experiment with portraits. I’ll be posting these and others from my trip to my Instagram @madisonbeachphotos and website ( Let me know your thoughts on Lomography and any tips and tricks for getting the most out the film!

Photographing Iceland at Night

With such little sunlight hours, especially in the winter, Iceland provided the perfect opportunity to try out some light-sensitive film. Using my trusty Pentax filled with Ilford Black & White (3200 iso) film I set out to capture Icelandic life after dark.


I’m really impressed with how the film performed, especially in daylight as its built for darkness. When using film with an iso as high as 3200 its always going to have some noise, but I think this creates a fitting aesthetic. The Pentax also adapted well to the conditions, the cold didn’t affect it and the ‘bulb’ function worked well allowing me to capture the northern lights. I’ve got hundreds more photos to scan, edit and upload, follow me on Instagram to keep updated with my photography adventures @madisonbeachphotos

Shooting South Coast Landscapes//35mm

Still getting used to my new Pentax K1000 I put it to the test shooting English landscapes using Portra 160 film.  These newly developed shots are from my new years day walk in Arundel and exploring the south coast beaches as the tide went out














Fog Capture

With flights delayed and traffic jams around the country I grabbed my camera to capture the nuisance, fog.








It was incredibly beautiful with the sheep camouflaged and fog rolling through the hills looking like clouds. I also finished my first roll of film on my new Pentax K1000 which is currently being developed, I am very excited to see the results.