Finding a Forest and Photographing the Tree’s

After a week of editing and developing projects I needed a a couple of days outside exploring and getting lost. After an hour or two we found this is a beautiful forest in Sussex located in a valley.


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Getting Lost in a Forest & Finding a Flood Plain

Forests are always a great place to explore and more often-than-not get lost. Friston forest is no exception. Located on the south coast of England I visited it many times during my childhood but theres always something new to see. After climbing a hill we came to a look-out point giving us panoramic views of the South Downs National Park and Cuckmere Haven, a flood plain on the edge of the English Channel. So we took a detour around the river of the flood plain..







img_5655The look-out point





Completely covered in mud we reached the end of the flood plain where we planned to walk around the beach and go over the hills of the South Downs home. Only problem was, the tide was in..


I have really enjoyed photographing and exploring naturally beautiful locations close to home in the last few months but I have just booked a very exciting trip. Before moving to London I am flying to Iceland for a week to create a short film and of course, take thousands of photos. I have always wanted to go and have already started buying the much needed thermal clothing. Let me know if you’ve been and what you’d recommend seeing!