Capturing Shoreditch’s Nightlife

A bonus of me working night shifts is seeing London in a totally different light. Wether on the bus or walking home with work mates I have started to document what I see. I have really enjoyed capturing these images, think it might be the start of a new project…


How to use the background in Street Photography

I have recently been posting a lot of street photography to this blog and social media. It used to be a personal passion but since posting it to my blog I have received some great feedback and lots of brilliant questions.  Many of the questions centre around how to improve when it comes to street photography. Unfortunately the phrase ‘street photography is 99% failure’ is correct. Some days I have spent hours trying to find that perfect shot, other days it had taken minutes. But there are some tips and tricks that can really help focus your eye when it comes to shooting street photography.

On this post I am going to talk about how the background effect your photographs using examples I shot yesterday. The photos aren’t going to make it into a photo book anytime soon but they do demonstrate how important the background is. You don’t want it detracting attention from the main subject you need it to enhance the image.



Advertising is always a good starting point. Here I waited for a women to walk into the frame; creating a symmetry between the two faces with similar expressions.


Here again advertising provided the backdrop for the image. The contrast is created by the two portraits, both women look similar but one is a model and the other a Londoner on her lunch break.


The light really makes this image. I was shooting in bright midday sun before work so getting the dark back ground and bright light on his face makes it look like he’s coming out of the shadows.


An unflattering image of this tourist but it shows how central composition and matching colours really draws your eye in. By capturing this women in a blue top surrounded by blue scaffolding it keeps the image together and succinct.


By using this window it is both the foreground and background. The colours captured in the shop and reflections all come together to create a bright, busy atmosphere which sums up the feeling of Oxford Street.


Oxford Street is a constant movement of people so seeing someone stood still is a rarity. To photograph this man I took a step back so passers-by entered the frame to give some context and sense of location. To emphasise his stillness even more I could’ve used a slower shutter speed.

If you’ve never tried street photography before I would highly recommend giving it a go. It’s a great way to stay motivated and get the creative juices flowing.

You can also find me over on instagram @madisonbeachphotos  where I will be posting lots of images from newly developed 35mm films.



Shooting Street Photography in London

London is one of my favourite cities in the world for street photography. It’s buzzing with people everyday-night and day.  Here are some street snaps from the past week in the best people watching (capturing) locations. These photographs include tourists, DIY instruments and of course, hiding from the British rain.


Outside Tate Modern


Regent Street


Regent Street








Outside the Photographers Gallery


Outside the Photographers Gallery


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


My favourite shot of the day, Oxford Street.


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


Tottenham Court Road


Tottenham Court Road


Tottenham Court Road


Ones to watch:Part II

This afternoon I visited another strong week of photography at Free Range in Shoreditch, East London. The work on show from the Graduates featured strong portraits, experimental installations and some brilliant DIY photo books. Here are my favourites from week 2..

Neo Gilder//

Daniel Bennet//

Daisy Ashfield//


Chase Joy//

Adam Baker//

The Bragdon Brothers//

Free Range is a great opportunity for U.K. photography and design graduates. It’s on every year and one to visit. 

Tourists of Buckingham Palace

On my way to meet with friends in Central London I passed Buckingham Palace. I ended up taking photos that i’m really pleased with, I am thinking about starting a series ‘Tourists of Buckingham Palace’ take a look and let me know what you think. Also suggest any other landmarks you would like to see photographed!


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Finding time to Photograph

The only way to get better at photography is shooting as much as possible. But this is often easier said than done especially as many people have demanding careers  and family responsibilities. Whether or not your job involves photography making time for personal creating work is incredibly important. Having recently started a new job making time to shoot and edit personal work has been one of my priorities. Here I have fitted it in to my travels to and from work.

On my way to work..


..and heading home from work


Finding time to photograph at different times of the day also allows you to capture various tones and a range of people. The atmosphere of London changes completely from walking to work in the day to traveling home a night.

Even if you don’t do anything with your personal work it’s a great way to keep you motivated.

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Using a blur in photography

Just because you can’t see the finer details of an image it doesn’t mean it can’t tell a story. Using blur (in-camera or photoshop) can be a great tool to use. You can use blurred images in a range of ways; in a photographic series to create a small break, as a photobook cover so it doesn’t detract attention from the title or to allow the viewer to connect the dots. It can also make colour ‘pop’ and shapes stand out. Its a really simple concept that can be really effective, just maybe don’t blur all the images!




Relatively unknown to those who live outside of the U.K the London suburb of Dalston had some great photography links. Self Publish Be Happy are based here along with the well-worth visiting Doomed gallery where I currently have work on show. Dalston is most famous for its market so after visiting Doomed gallery I shot some photographs of the Market in the strong, contrast-creating sun. As always the Market was buzzing offering lots of opportunities to capture the atmosphere and small colourful quirks.


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