Street Photography: When the Subject Spots You…

There are many different approaches you can take when it comes to street photography. From the shoving-a-flash in your face and not giving a damn technique (Bruce Gilden) to going completely unoticed like Vivian Maier. Today I went out to shoot street photography on the streets of Brighton for 3 hours, but rather than showing you my favourite shots I thought i’d share some of my outtakes.  And these are outtakes because the subjects in the frame are looking either at me or the lens. Some photographers aim for these sort of images but not me.

Before you see the images I thought I’d share with you some advice if someone notices you doing street photography or has a problem with it. 99% of the time the person will keep walking and not give another thought to you or your camera. But on the odd occasion that someone takes issue with you taking their picture here are a few tips:

1.Stay calm and be polite.

2. Delete the image and show them (no image is worth a public argument)

3.Know your rights (in the UK you have the right to photograph in public areas)

4.Don’t let it affect your confidence and keep shooting..


Street Photography in an English Winter


Lighting is key in photography; it can bring a subject to life, shift the viewers focus and/or help tell a story. Being a street photographer in England in the winter provides many challenges including being so cold you can’t feel your fingers to press the shutter speed. But my main issue is the light, some days the sun stays behind the clouds all day and even when it does appear its gone by 4pm. Photographing in the winter can become very temperamental which is why I have recently turned my focus to film making.

But yesterday a miracle happened.. I woke up to sunshine with no clouds in sight! So I grabbed my camera and went on a 3 hour walk attempting to harness the light and shoot some candid street photography.


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Back in the UK & Photographing Brighton Pier

When I was first told about reverse culture shock I naively thought I would be immune because I ‘ve traveled so much before.   But here I am back in the UK missing using a squat toilet and eating rice 3 times a day. Maybe it’s because for the first time I was based in the same place for an extensive amount of time and became completely immersed in the culture and felt fully at home.

Too try and break out of my culture shock I headed to my hometown of Brighton with my Olympus MJU and a roll of Agfa 35mm film. As a camera it can  be temperamental as it has no manual features whatsoever but for a day of wandering and photographing it was perfect.



Bangladesh Travel Diary: Visa Trouble!!

With my visa due over a week ago I was informed the night before I was heading here to Bangladesh that it hadn’t been processed. I then found myself in limbo as I was told I wouldn’t know till 3pm the next day (only two hours before I was due at the airport!) if it had gone through. 3pm came and went and I heard nothing. Just as I started fearing the worst I got a phone call at 3.30pm to say it had all gone through! So off to the airport I went. 

I am heading out to Bangladesh and living with a group of 8 other people. But for some reason the airline decided to seat them altogether at the back of the plane and me at the front. Although I didn’t mind too much as my plan was to sleep for the 13 hours. But things don’t always go to plan.. I was sat between a big guy using the limited leg space to engage in some ‘man spreading’ and a women with a baby. After spending the first half an hour poking me the baby fell asleep, firstly with his head on my arm rest and then his head slowly slid onto my arm. I then spent the next two hours with my arm trapped under a baby’s head getting pins and needles as the mother got what I hope (sure) was some much needed rest. 

Us chilling waiting for our connection..

As we got off the plane many were desperate for the toilet so we all headed for the nearest airport bathroom. This was when I encountered my first ever squat toilet. I had seen them before when I was travelling in Japan but there was always a western toilet available. But not here. Despite nearly losing my balance in the most undignified manner I managed to tense the thighs and use the squat toilet successfully for the first time. High in this achievement we headed to our bus to take us to our base for the next few days. It was a brilliant old fashioned camper van like bus which we all compared to an English program ‘Coach Trip’ (if you’ve never seen it before find it online!). 

Brendan; the mighty presenter of Coach Trip

After an hours journey we were greeted by our hosts on the doorsteps of our new home for the next 5 days. They greeted us with warm smiles and curry for dinner (it was so spicy it made my eyes water for 10 minutes after eating it). After brief introductions we headed for some much needed sleep having been up for over 24 hours. 

Views from the Bus

I’m really looking forward to the next few days as we learn more about Bangladesh’s culture and how to enjoy the beautiful country while being safe. 

Bangladesh Travel Diary: Taking Off

Bangladesh Travel Diary: Taking Off

As you read this (delay permitting) I should be in the air flying to Bangladesh! I will be living in there for 3 months and using this blog to document my adventures and the people I meet. I will be staying in the capital Dhaka for a week before heading north where I will be living in a village. Both electricity and wi-fi will not be consistent but I will be updating the blog when I can and shooting film when I can’t. I have packed over 20 35mm films- I hope this will be enough!

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Photographing East London Markets

One of the best things about working an evening shift on a sunday, is that on the way to work I can wind through the streets of East London filled with locals grabbing a bargain at the brilliant markets. On sunday I visited two of my favourites; Brick Lane & Columbia Road Flower Market. The markets are always filled with bright colours and vibrant characters..



Not at a market but I captured this shot as I walking down Oxford Street. Sometimes Oxford Street is so busy I consider doing the same.

As next week comes closer I am slowly preparing for my move to Bangladesh. If your not already, hit follow on this blog to receive updates of my travels, a photo diary and honest posts about whats its like moving abroad for the first time at the age of 22.

Before I Leave London..

Before I Leave London I am going to spend all my time photographing the people and sights which make up this crazy city. As this time next week I will be packing up my room here in Shoreditch in preparation for moving to Bangladesh. I can’t wait for my adventures in Bangladesh but until then I want to make the most of living in one of the most famous capital cities in the world.

I took all these photos in the last week in the abnormally sunny city..


It’s fair to say wi-fi will be a bit ‘hit and miss’ in Banglasdesh but I will be aiming to post a weekly diary every week along with a few photographs I have snapped. As always you can follow me on instagram @madisonbeachphotos where I will post photos from my adventures.