Visiting Camden Market

As a street photographer I have a few favourite spots around London; busy places with interesting characters (and good food is always a plus!). Camden market ticks all these boxes so with an hour before I needed to be at a meeting in central London I hopped on a tube for 10 minutes and explored Camden.






Despite being a week day, Camden was packed with tourists, businessman and market traders.

There is almost too much choice when it comes to food. There are hot food stalls including pizza, Indian and Chinese, but there are also more street food-type options such as burritos and burgers.



Of course you can avoid the British art of queuing and save yourself some money by bringing a packed lunch.


I would definitely recommend a packed lunch if your staying in London for a few days and on a budget. As delicious as most of the food is- it’s not cheap. Camden also has a river running through the market, it acts as a great picnic spot.


If you want to check out Camden I would also recommend heading north and walking to Primrose hill, after a sweaty walk up the steep hill you can see my favourite view across the London skyline..

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Capturing Camden

One of my favourite places to photograph in London is Camden market. Growing up on the southern coast of England me and my school friends often jumped on a train up to London and tried to bag a deal at Camden market. The area has changed a lot in the last few years and has become more of a tourist attraction, but it’s still a great place for capturing some street photography.


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Phone Photography

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of phone photography, ok not quite phone photography. I’ve been drawn to the amount of people using their phones and the situations they find themselves in. I took all these photos in London within 24 hours.


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Grabbing food at Camden Market

Camden has always been a tourist favourite but now the food is drawing the Londoners in. Every kind of food you can imagine is on offer here; pizza, thai, vegetarian, wraps, chips, the list is never-ending. I took a day to consume the delights on offer and photograph those enjoying it.


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