London Exhibition Info

I am very excited to announce two of my photographs are being exhibited in London while I am out here in Bangladesh. The images will be shown as part of the ‘Photography on a Postcard’ exhibition at the Print Space in Shoreditch, London. 
The exhibition is raising money for the Hepatitis C Trust and all profits will go towards their invaluable work. 

I am also very excited as my work will be up alongside photographers who have inspired me since I started studying photography including Simon Norfolk, Dougie Wallace (who I recently wrote a blog post about), Jenny Lewis and Martin Parr. If you live in and around London please go check it out and support the Hepatitis C Trust. 

The private viewing is on tonight then it is open till the 24th October.

Some early press releases:

Playing to the Gallery

My latest project is a little different to my normal street photography/ documentary style photography but I really enjoyed putting it together and shooting it.

Each image represents an idiom.

So here it goes, my latest project ‘Playing to the Gallery’..


Here are the images with the idioms in their captions..




Through the photographers lens

A lot of people have asked me what it’s like photographing on the streets of London. So rather than trying to describe it I thought I would show what it’s like. I have created an experimental point-of-view video capturing what it’s like to photograph such a busy city.


Let me know what you think and if you would want to see any more of these kind of videos! As always you can find me on Instagram @madisonbeachphotos and over on my website.



How to shoot film for £3.50

The first of a new series, photographing different cities with my point and shoot 35mm camera. The Pentax camera cost me an incredible £2.50 ($3.27) at a charity shop and the film (agfa 200) was purchased at the pound shop for of course, a pound ($1.31). Im really pleased with the results and how the camera adapted to street photography. Some of the images would’ve been better with a higher speed film such as ISO 400 but I like the effect of the blur.


You can also find me over on instagram @madisonbeachphotos  where I will be posting lots of images from newly developed 35mm films.

Shooting Tennis on Film

Recently I was very lucky to attend the Eastbourne tennis finals. Amongst other top athletes I got to see Novak Djokovic and Caroline Wozniacki play. I love sport and have always captured the moments digitally but I wanted to push myself and aimed to photograph the day on film.

My camera of choice was my Pentax Espio, it’s a ‘point and shoot’ camera which allowed me to not worry about changing settings and enjoy the tennis. I shot on Agfa 200 film, I chose a film with an ISO of 200 as it was a bright day and I was really interested to see how a budget film (£1!) reacted to high speed action. I am impressed with the results considering that the film and camera all together cost me £3.50!



Shooting Street Photography in London

London is one of my favourite cities in the world for street photography. It’s buzzing with people everyday-night and day.  Here are some street snaps from the past week in the best people watching (capturing) locations. These photographs include tourists, DIY instruments and of course, hiding from the British rain.


Outside Tate Modern


Regent Street


Regent Street








Outside the Photographers Gallery


Outside the Photographers Gallery


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


My favourite shot of the day, Oxford Street.


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


Oxford Street


Tottenham Court Road


Tottenham Court Road


Tottenham Court Road


Visiting the Saatchi Gallery

Living in London I am often spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a gallery for a weekend visit. A couple of weekends ago me and school friend/ japan travel buddy Juna headed to the Saatchi gallery to check out the Selfie exhibition. Having never taken a selfie myself I was skeptical of a whole gallery filled with ‘selfies’. But within minutes of entering I knew I was at one of the best exhibitions of the year.

The gallery has covered all bases from the ironic comical selfie to the impact of social media and cctv. I captured my visit with a Pentax K1000 and Ilford black and white film.


To see more of my images you can find me over on instagram @madisonbeachphotos

Tourists of Buckingham Palace

On my way to meet with friends in Central London I passed Buckingham Palace. I ended up taking photos that i’m really pleased with, I am thinking about starting a series ‘Tourists of Buckingham Palace’ take a look and let me know what you think. Also suggest any other landmarks you would like to see photographed!


Instagram: @Madisonbeachphotos

Using a blur in photography

Just because you can’t see the finer details of an image it doesn’t mean it can’t tell a story. Using blur (in-camera or photoshop) can be a great tool to use. You can use blurred images in a range of ways; in a photographic series to create a small break, as a photobook cover so it doesn’t detract attention from the title or to allow the viewer to connect the dots. It can also make colour ‘pop’ and shapes stand out. Its a really simple concept that can be really effective, just maybe don’t blur all the images!