Bangladesh Travel Diary: Riding Motorcycles to India

I’m currently here living in Bangladesh as part of a team of community workers. Follow me over on Instagram (@madisonbeachphotos) and here on this blog to keep updated with my adventures exploring this beautiful country..

As with a lot of things in life it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Since living in Bangladesh I have already met some brilliant people and made some great friends. And recently two of my friends, Dipo and Bunty, offered to show me and my work friends the beautiful Bangladesh landscape in a whole new way; by motorcycle.

It was great to experience the country in the way locals do, all whilst rocking some very fashionable face masks to avoid our faces being caked in dust.

Dipo and Bunty wanted to surprise us with where we were going; it was an hours ride along roads, through forests and up mountains. And boy, was the view worth the numb bum…

After a small climb we reached the summit, we overlooked a stunning, winding river. After numerous group photos we made our way down to the river. One side of the riverbank was Bangladesh and the other, India. It was heavily policed by border guards but they were all very friendly and smiley and didn’t mind us wandering along the border.

As the sun began to hide behind the mountains we boarded the bikes again and watched the sun set as we rode back through the fields and villages home.

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