Bangladesh Travel Diary: ‘Is That a Mouse?’

I am currently based in Bangladesh as part of a team of community workers. I am also having fun documenting all our travels and adventures, follow my blog to keep updated with the ups and downs of living in such a beautiful yet challenging country..

Living out here in rural Bangladesh there is never a dull moment. Especially when you live surrounded by cows, goats, pigs, dogs, chickens and cats. 

Despite being in denial for a long time me and my roommates have finally admitted that not only do we have a mouse in our room, it is also eating all our snacks during the night then pooping on my roommates clothes. We have never seen said mouse but have heard it scurrying around during the day, until the other night..

I awoke at 5am to what sounded like one of my roommates walking around in coat. But no, the noise was coming from a (supposedly) empty plastic bag hanging of the end of my bed. I froze-still wondering what on earth could be in there until it dawned on me, that bloody mouse. I lay in bed until I though it was an appropriate time to wake up my roommate to remove the mouse. As much as I don’t have a phobia of mice I’m not touching one. After listening to it trying to escape for 45 minutes I woke up my roommate at 5.45am. 

But I had made an amateur mistake. By using a torch to get out my bed the mouse used the light to find a way out the bag so I woke everyone up to look in an empty bag filled with mouse droppings. Long story short that was 4 days ago, we have not seen it since but it still eats all our snacks. 

Our compound cat called ‘Angel’, ironically named as she is Satan in disguise-we’re hoping she will take care of the mouse.

As cute as they are, baby animals always cause the biggest distractions. Deep into brainstorming for a youth group workshop we were interrupted by a baby goat walking into our training room crying for its mum. After trying and failing to usher it out, it was getting more and more distressed. So we had to pick it up, carry it like a baby and walk around the village looking for its mum. We managed to reunite them in what was just another normal day in Bangladesh. 

Angel’s kitten who follows my roommates Emily’s feet 24/7

The animal troubles don’t stop when we deliver the workshops either, hiding from the rain we had to deliver our latest workshop in the front porch of a very generous woman’s house. Halfway through I felt something nibbling my thighs -a goat. I then moved out the goats way only to have to duck out the way of their 7 pet pigeons flying ridiculously close to my head. But as much as the animals hinder rather than help we wouldn’t have it any other way. .

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