Bangladesh Travel Diary: Makeshift Monopoly and Police Escorts 

I am currently based in Bangladesh as part of a team of community workers. I am also having fun documenting all our travels and adventures, follow my blog to keep updated with the ups and downs of living in such a beautiful yet challenging country..

The last few weeks have all been leading up to us hitting the ground running with our community workshops. On Friday we delivered our first workshops based on health and social issues within the area. They went very smoothly and were received really well by the local youth. 

Leading a workshop

We have been working extremely hard 6 days a week every week,but there is also time for exploring the area, letting our hair down and enjoying ourselves..

As most of my friends back home will testify I am no fashionista. But along with the rest of the team I really enjoyed browsing the market for fabrics, designing our own clothes and then taking these designs to our onsite tailors. Already having a blue and red traditional Bangladesh dress I have opted for some green fabric for a dress, a brown leafed patterned fabric to make a top and I finished of my purchases with a very bold choice. A red and black Jackson Pollock-like abstract fabric. I have no idea how my designs will come to life, they are currently in the tailors’ trusted hands, but I will keep you updated. 

During the week we were invited to watch the cup-final of a local football tournament. Weighed down with our cameras, lots of water and snacks we headed out on the half an hour walk to the pitch. As it was a local tournament we weren’t expecting too many people. But it turns out the whole male population of the village came out in support of the youngsters playing. 

Although I’ve watched many football matches this was a very unique experience. We sat quite literally on the dug-out sidelines hoping not to get hit the face by a ball or stray foot. The pitch was slightly wonky and the crowd moved around the pitch in sync with the sun so they didn’t get too hot. 

Considering it was an important cup final the referee was very relaxed when it came to regulation football kit. One team had their own yellow kit (except one guy who forgot his and played in green) and the other played in the Barcelona home kit. Sitting at boot level it was also very noticeable how few players wore shin pads. But all this being said the atmosphere was great and everyone enthusiastically cheered every time a goal was scored. 
Due to being foreigners and (most likely) our police escort more people were watching us than the game so we headed home at half time. 

We returned home to find the housekeepings’ team answer to our bed bug problem: just put the mattresses on the roof for a bit.

To keep us occupied in the evenings we have focused all our creative energy into making a personalised Bangladesh-style monopoly board. The chance cards include buying new fabric after getting caught in the rain and having to use a squat toilet due to just too much spicy rice. With a storm expected to roll in we are all looking forward to playing our makeshift monopoly. 

One thought on “Bangladesh Travel Diary: Makeshift Monopoly and Police Escorts 

  1. Hi Maddie, good read , like the idea of your own tailor, local football interesting and the homemade board game looks fabulous x

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