Bangladesh Travel Diary: What its Like to Live in Bangladesh 

I am currently based in Bangladesh working as a community worker. I am also having fun documenting the adventures. Follow my blog to keep updated with the ups and downs of living in such a beautiful yet challenging country. 

I left the UK almost 3 weeks ago and I feel like I have now got into a daily routine living in Bangladesh. I have received a lot of questions from friends and readers of the blog asking me what it’s like living in Bangladesh so I thought I would go through a typical day. 

Breakfast 7.30 

I wake up for breakfast at 7.15am to give me time to have a quick shower and walk across the compound to the dining area. In Bangladesh you often have rice for every meal of the day including breakfast! You also eat everything with your right hand. It takes a while to get used to but now when I sit down to eat i don’t even have to think about which hand to use. 

We often wake up to rain but by the time we’ve finished breakfast it’s baking hot and 35 degrees outside.

Language lesson 9am

We start everyday with a language lesson. 3 weeks in and we are finally getting comfortable with interacting in Bengal. We start our in-community sessions next week so we are working very hard on our language skills. 

Team meeting 9.30am 

We get together as a team (a mix of 12 British and Bangladeshi community wokers) to discuss the days events. 

Work, Work, Work. 10am. 

We then get on with the days tasks and prepare for any visits we have to make in the afternoon.

Tea Break 11am

Tea and a traditional Bangladesh snack. 

More Work 11.15am

Continuing our preparations for the day and often playing team games and teaching each other about growing up in a different country. My personal highlight was teaching the Bangladeshi workers the Hokey Cokey, they found out it hilarious. 

Lunch 1pm 

Yep you guessed it more rice! We also get a mix of vegetables and either chicken or fish. The fish is the hardests thing to pull apart and eat with one hand. 

Community Visit 2pm

We will then head out in rickshaws or by foot to visit different communities. We might be conducting surveys, talking to youth groups or meeting with community leaders. This is always a great opportunity to take some photos. 

The traditional clothes I wear to visit the communities

Dinner 7pm 

Power-cut permitting dinner is served around 7pm. This is often a make or break time for the British workers. Do you try and eat more rice or do you make a dash for the crisps and sweets you bought from home?  

Time to Relax 8pm

With all our work done for the day it’s time to relax. Me and my roommates are currently halfway through a series of project runway and other rooms are commiting their time to watching American Horror Story. It’s important to have this time to reflect on the day, relax and chat to family and friends back home. 

A shot of my very tidy room

3 thoughts on “Bangladesh Travel Diary: What its Like to Live in Bangladesh 

  1. Hi Maddie, can’t believe 3 weeks already, rice sounds good, do they make nice fresh bread like nam? You could teach them head shoulders knees & toes! Like your new outfits very colourful , lots of love Neats xx

    • I know it’s gone very quickly! They make roti which is a bit like flat bread and there’s lots and lots of rice! Games ideas are always helpful as we’ve still got two months to go! We’ve made a homemade monopoly board to keep entertained in the evenings, hope things are all good in Horsham xx

  2. Rice and fish????? you are not eating fish? Come visit Kolkata someday 🙂

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