Bangladesh Travel Diary: Riding Rickshaws and Buying Clothes 

I am currently based in Bangladesh working as a community worker and documenting my adventures. Follow my blog to keep updated with the ups and downs of living in such a beautiful yet challenging country.

I am currently getting settled into the village which I will be calling home for the next 3 months. I have spent the last  few days learning how to fit in.

We first headed to our local market, a 3 minute walk from our compound. Our group descended on a fabric shop, giving them the most business they’ve had all year. We sat on stalls lining the middle of the shop and swivelled and pointed to fabrics we liked the look off. Two hours later, and £6 down I had got enough fabric to make two traditional tops and a pair of trousers.

After browsing the market for an hour or so we headed back to our compound and went straight to our onsite tailors office to get measured up and put our orders in. With a little luck not everything was lost in translation and I won’t end up with an intricate, Bangladesh inspired onesie.

At our onsite tailors

We have also now started to visit the different communities we will be working in- by rickshaw. My first time in a rickshaw did not disappoint, I absolutely loved it. We got stuck in the mud, nearly fell out a few times and scraped a cows bum but I’m already looking forward to the next time we get to ride them.

Taking a break at a community library

The communities have all been very different; from a native tribe to an all girls school where a hundred kids followed us and said ‘how are you doing?’ in their best British accents. Even if they weren’t expecting us every community laid on a spread of cakes and tea, lots and lots of tea. In Bangladesh it’s very common to have at least 3 tea breaks a day. I am currently made up of 40% tea and 60% rice.

I’m looking forward to having my first day off for a week tomorrow and then getting stuck into our community work.

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