Bangladesh Travel Diary: Heading North 

I am currently based in Bangladesh working as a community worker and documenting the adventures. Follow my blog to keep updated with the ups and downs of living in such a beautiful yet challenging country. 

                       Heading North 

A lot has changed in the last 48 hours; half the group now know the true meaning of Delhi belly and I am now no longer based on Dhaka.

Yesterday I awoke to the biggest thunder storms I have ever heard at 7am. After staying up chatting all night we were not happy with this natural alarm clock, especially as we had all done our first load of hand washing and left all clothes to dry on the (newly flooded) balcony. 

We spent the day doing our last sessions of in-county training and building a long, Wagamama-like table to eat on after our dining room flooded. We spent the night chatting and sharing one can of Coke between the 10 of us, it’s a very savoury focused diet here in Bangladesh..

This morning started at 6am eating even more rice for breakfast and packing our bags into the vans ready for heading to our villages where we will be based for the next three months. We said long goodbyes and headed off on the journey to our village around 9 hours north of Dhaka. For the whole journey we had a police escort, completely precautionary, but it did make us feel like very important people. 

Our team before heading to our villages

                     Views from the bus 

While stopping at a petrol station we experienced our first beggars tapping on the window, it was difficult to look away and not give them anything but it is the safest option. 

We saw everything you could imagine on the way; from pink ducks and tiny rickshaws carrying 20 people to pigs lying in the road and people sitting on the top of buses. As we got got closer to the village every girl in the bus realised the regret of not wearing a sports bra. It was continually and incredibly bumpy and I got bruises from hitting what felt like every surface of the bus, but it was all good fun. 

After 9 hours we arrived at our base for the next 3 months and have started to slowly unpack but we are all so tired we’re struggling to our eyes open. After some rice for dinner we have all headed to bed and looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. 

Our new home


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