Bangladesh Travel Diary: Adapting To Life in Bangladesh 

Adapting to life in Bangladesh
I have spent the last few days here in the capital Dhaka learning about living in the harsh conditions and getting to know the team I’ll be working with. We will be heading north next week to start working with communities to improve their quality of life through workshops and events, while  we’re doing that I’ll also be documenting our adventures.

Part of the team here in Bangladesh (I’m in the stripy top)

Before we head off for what is sure to be a sick-inducing 8 hour journey on Bangladesh’s rocky roads I have been adapting to life here in Asia.

The biggest difference is of course the heat! Being British I am used to summers being around 25 degrees (if we’re lucky) yet it is autumn here and at night it is still over 27 degrees. I am constantly hot and the tiniest tasks make me sweat. But I’ve found taking a shower just 4 times a day seems to sort out the sweatiness.

One of our mosquito nets

I have also been adjusting to wearing a scarf at all times, apart from when I asleep. But I enjoy being part of the culture and fitting in a little more. Although it’s very awkward when your scarf accidentally dips into someone’s tea!

I always underestimate the annoyance of mosquitoes and this time it was no different. Within the first day my legs were covered in super itchy bites despite the fact I covered myself in smelly mosquitoes repellant. But I have been washing them with cold water which really helps them to heal quickly.

Yesterday we witnessed our first thunder storm, it would’ve been incredible had I not just put out my newly handwashed clothes onto the balcony.. but it was still great to watch as the cooling rain lashed down. Although it did cause a 3 hour power cut!

It is going to be a busy few days travelling and settling into my new home but I will be updating the blog where possible and taking loads of photos!

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One thought on “Bangladesh Travel Diary: Adapting To Life in Bangladesh 

  1. Hi Maddie glad you are settling in, sure you are in for an adventure, have fun and enjoy each day, meeting lots of new interesting people , thinking of you love Neats xx

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