Taking inspiration from Dougie Wallace’s ‘Harrodsburg’

Dougie Wallace is one of the most famous British street photographers. Although more controversial than the likes of someone like Martin Parr his images are raw and capture Britain in an unapologetic manner.

Inspired by his latest body of work ‘Harrodsburg’ which takes a look at the surreal subculture and world surrounding Harrods. I headed out to the posher areas of London to try my hand at Some Dougie Wallace inspired street photography.

Group Behaviour

Wallace often looks for groups displaying similar behaviour. Like wearing similar clothes or all have designer bags. While I was outside Harrods I was drawn to the different ways people find to carry all their purchases. I have chosen to display 3 images showing the different approaches:



© Dougie Wallace

© Dougie Wallace

A key indicator of wealth is cars. Although I have no knowledge at all when it comes to cars I know the cars parked outside Harrods didn’t come cheap. Like Wallace I aimed to photograph a selection of cars in the area:



Regardless of whether the frame is filled with expensive cars or designers bags deep down Wallace’s work is about the people. I think his portraits are his strongest skill, although the way he goes about shooting them is often deemed intrusive. I decided to be less intrusive and instead concentrate on looking for characters I was interested in:


I had great fun exploring the areas I don’t often visit in London, especially looking a them in a Dougie Wallace esc way. If you like Dougies work check out the BBC documentary below its a great insight into his photographic approach.