Learn from the Masters: René Burri

Im teaming up with Pier over at phppistreetphoto.com to bring you this post. Rene Burri was one of the first photographers I was inspired by when I first started studying photography. Pier has written this great post all about learning from Burri’s talents.

phppi street photography

I have decided to start a new photography series: “Learn from the Masters”. I would like to introduce you to some of the most iconic photographers, who have shaped modern photojournalism, street photography and photo documentary. I believe that nothing will help you to improve as photographers as learning from the masters of this art and taking them as a reference point.

Every article will describe the life and achievements of each photographer and will be concluded by the lessons that we can learn from each master.


Rene Burri was born in Zürich, Switzerland in 1933. His passion for arts and filmmaking led him to enrol into the School of Applied Arts in his native city.

Interestingly, even though this great artist is well-known for his photographic work, Burri started his career as a video maker. He worked as a documentary film maker first and as a cameraman for…

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