10 Rules of Photography

Using the contact form here on this blog a young follower has got touch about ways to improve his photography. So I thought for anyone interested I’d put together a quick guide to 10 rules you should know.

1.Adjust your point of view

Work out how you want your subject to look. If you look up at it you can make it look towering and intimidating , look at it straight on and engage with it or you can look down or your subject making them look small and menial.


2.Know your colours

Get to know your complementary and contrasting colours and start implementing them. Use the masters of colour photography like Saul Leiter and William Eggleston for inspiration.


3. Control and adapt to movement

You can do this in a number of ways from adjusting shutter speed, following the motion with the lens or even creating a stop motion.


4.Utilise central composition

Positioning your subject centrally can be incredibly effective but use it sparingly. Many top fashion, street and photographers do this. Wes Anderson uses this technique brilliantly throughout all his films.


5. Apply the golden spiral

The golden spiral is essentially  applying maths (not my strong point) to photography. Check out this link to learn more.


6. Be aware of your background

Make sure the background complements your subject, if not go for a minimal look. Be careful that it’s not too busy, clustered or bright as this can detract the viewers focus.


7. Look for leading lines

As the name suggest leading lines literally guide the viewers focus, they don’t always have to lead to the centre of the image but if you have them make sure they lead to something interesting.


8.Use framing

Both the background and and leading lines can frame your subject. This means using items within the frame to direct the viewers gaze.


9. Rule of thirds

This is probably the most well known rule within photography. Its really simple just split your image into 9 sections and place an object of interest on one of the lines or where they intersect.


10. Shoot in the golden hour

This is my favourite rule/tip which I have recently blogged about. Photographing in the hour or two after the sun rises or if like me your not a morning person, the hours before the sun sets. This leads to soft colours and less contrast than midday sun.

You don’t have to follow any of the rules, rules are made to be broken and if you implemented them all they would contradict each other. BUT if your looking to improve your photography it really does help having them at the back of your mind and applying at least one or two rules.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, follow me on Instagram to see more of my images @madisonbeachphotos

2 thoughts on “10 Rules of Photography

  1. Amazing tips! I will definitely remember these in the future when taking photos. I am not that good at it so maybe with your tips I will get better 😀

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