Photographing the disposability of nature

I am currently photographing a project in collaboration  with a fashion designer. The clothing collection and photographic exhibition surrounds the theme of disposable and what the word means to you.

Like photography, disposability is subjective. What someones deems disposable others may not. When I think of the term I think about disposable income, cameras, and nature.

Fallen feathers, spilt oil and displaced pebbles no longer serve their purpose; they have been disposed by nature. The focus of my project is objects disposed either in or by nature. the conservation surrounding disposability is becoming increasingly important.As a planet we are facing more and more  environmental issues than and less time to stop these changes irreversible. Below are some initial photos I have taken as a kind of visual brainstorm

You can follow my instagram to keep updated with my photography adventures @madisonbeachphotos and let me know below what the term ‘disposable’ means to you!







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