35mm Vs 50mm Lens

Most of the messages I receive on this blog are questions asking about photography equipment. I really enjoy reading your messages and answering any photography/travel related questions you may have! you can message me using the contact page.

As a lot of the questions were asking what focal length you should get when buying a camera, I have put together a quick comparison guide.

I am going to compare two of the most common and versatile lenses;50mm and 35mm.

50mm is best for portraits if you want less of the background and greater focus on the subject. Whereas 35mm allows more of the background to enter the frame, which can give greater context but distract the viewers gaze.

For street photography I would recommend a 35mm lens or even wider at 28mm. The 35mm increases the chance of capturing a scene in all its glory. Too often I’ve found myself edging backwards away from a scene to fit it in the frame when using a 50mm lens. With a 35mm lens you can feel part of the action without wasting time and missing the crucial shot attempting to get everything in the frame.

When it comes to travel photography both lenses are a solid choice. The 35mm will encourage you to get among the action while the 50mm will get you that perfect portrait of the market trader.

50mm                                                       35mm

When it comes to buying a new lens get down to your local photography store and try out all the options, there is no wrong choice! Get whatever lens you feel most comfortable with and fits your style, or create a new style! Once you get to know your lens and its limitations you can adapt to any situation.

3 thoughts on “35mm Vs 50mm Lens

    • Yeah I find the 35mm much more versatile, I only use my 50mm for portraits and fine art every now and then.

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