Photographing with Purple Film

When I first started shooting film at 16 Lomography products were brilliant fun to use. But as I began to take photography more seriously and studied at university the inconsistency  became more of an annoyance and money sapper. Days before I headed of to Iceland I spotted the Lomochrome Purple 35mm film at my local photography shop. I made a quick impulse purchase of two films and packed them for my trip.

The film works best in bright conditions with a  lot of green in the frame. When we touched down in Iceland I realised I made the right choice. The northern part of the island was covered in snow but the other half? a beautiful, natural, deep Green. The contrasts created by the strong winter sun and volcanic land was going to be the best introduction back into Lomography.


I shot these on my Pentax K1000. Unfortunately I only had time to shoot one film and have already planned a trip to my favourite forest in Southern England to fill the frames and experiment with portraits. I’ll be posting these and others from my trip to my Instagram @madisonbeachphotos and website ( Let me know your thoughts on Lomography and any tips and tricks for getting the most out the film!

4 thoughts on “Photographing with Purple Film

    • Thank you, Lomography can be really hit and miss but I would recommend having a go, its always good fun 🙂

  1. I love the contrast you got on these images. I love lomochrome purple. I try to find lots of green and plenty of light when I’m shooting with it, but I got some interesting shade variations when I used it in the fall season with the changing colors of foliage. So much fun, isn’t it?

    • Yeah I love it, it can be a bit hit and miss but generally I’m really pleased with the result. Definitely a combination of bright light and lots of green in the frame works best!

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