Finding a Forest and Photographing the Tree’s

After a week of editing and developing projects I needed a a couple of days outside exploring and getting lost. After an hour or two we found this is a beautiful forest in Sussex located in a valley. IG @madisonbeachphotos

A Snapshot of Hastings

Hastings; located on the English south coast and famous for the Battle of Hastings in 1066. It now has over 90,000 residents and a brand new pier. I spent yesterday photographing the new pier and residents of this increasingly popular seaside town.

Photographing People of the South

Street photography provides an opportunity to see towns and cities from a new perspective. Even if its on your way to your local store its a great way to absorb whats going on around you. I shot these photographs this week in southern cities and towns. I’m really excited to be heading East this week…

A short guide to what ISO you should use and why

Since starting this blog a lot of readers have shown interest in starting to shoot film and asked how they can improve their photography skills. Starting to shoot manual on your digital camera is a great way to improve and prepare for shooting film or just jump straight in. There are 3 main components when…

Exploring the South Coast & Photographing Portsmouth

Keeping true to my new years resolution of spending more time exploring my home country of England I headed along the South Coast along to Portsmouth, Hampshire. Home to one of the worlds most famous ports its the location of the largest dockland for the Royal Navy. I have been to Portsmouth a couple of…

New Video!

I have been very lucky and have had many adventures in the last 8 months including traveling around Iceland, Japan, Northern Italy and Wales. After a day of watching back all my footage I realised its time for a new showreel. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!    

Photographing the disposability of nature

I am currently photographing a project in collaboration  with a fashion designer. The clothing collection and photographic exhibition surrounds the theme of disposable and what the word means to you. Like photography, disposability is subjective. What someones deems disposable others may not. When I think of the term I think about disposable income, cameras, and…

35mm Vs 50mm Lens

Most of the messages I receive on this blog are questions asking about photography equipment. I really enjoy reading your messages and answering any photography/travel related questions you may have! you can message me using the contact page. As a lot of the questions were asking what focal length you should get when buying a…

Street Photography in the Suburban South

I have always been drawn to photography outside the studio setting; documentary, travel, street photography etc. And recently the latter has been my main focus. I’ve spent the last week out and about traveling around London and the South photographing the residents of the suburbs in the abnormally bright British sun. IG:@madisonbeachphotos

Lines of a city Part II

I really enjoyed photographing the intricacies of Canterbury when I visited for the first time back in January. So I decided to extend the project to cities ( and admittedly yes, some towns) on the South Coast. At the beginning of the year I set myself the task of exploring more of the British Isles, I’m using photography as my…

Photographing with Purple Film

When I first started shooting film at 16 Lomography products were brilliant fun to use. But as I began to take photography more seriously and studied at university the inconsistency  became more of an annoyance and money sapper. Days before I headed of to Iceland I spotted the Lomochrome Purple 35mm film at my local photography shop….