Iceland Travel Diary: Day 03

A 3rd packed day started in the dark (the sun rises at 10am!) boarding a coach to the first of our adventures. Our first stop was a tomato farm which uses only renewable sources to power the greenhouses using the geothermal heat of Iceland. A member of staff gave an in-depth talk about the behind-the0scenes happenings at the farm and explained the processes. It was really interesting and a good reminder of where your food comes from and the energy (renewable or not)  it takes to get there.


Next up, the geysers. Hot springs sending boiling water 30m up into the air along with a plume of smoke. The main geyser erupted water every 5 minutes so there wasn’t too long to wait. It was the most tourists I’ve seen since arriving in Iceland, but for a good reason; geysers don’t appear in many countries. Around 100m away there were a few restaurants and a shop so we picked up some food to keep fuelled up for the day ahead.


Next, what I most most looking forward to, the Gullfoss waterfall and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The power of the waterfall meant you were constantly getting covered in water spray. The waterfall was set in an incredibly luscious green landscape with the water dropping at an incredible rate.


After taking in the sights of the waterfall and getting very wet we headed for what turned out to be the surprise of the day. Þingvellir national park is a world heritage site and provides views of snow-capped mountains and volcanoes. But what I didn’t realise before arriving is that the oldest parliament in the world was founded here and you can physically see the meeting of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. You can witness the visible effects of continental drift, I’ve never seen anything like it and it reminds you of how powerful and unrelenting nature can be. After a short 40 minute trip back to the hotel we are now chilling for an hour or two before heading out hunting the Northern Lights.



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