Iceland Travel Diary: Day 02

Our first full day started off with a walk along the bay. The black rock creates a striking contrast with the blue North Atlantic Sea and green open spaces. The few houses along the bay are quirkily coloured,  Scandinavian-like designs.  Tourists lined the route, taking in the view in through the frosty morning air.


Our aim was to reach the main harbour but we allowed ourselves a quick detour to Cafe Haiti. A cute and (most importantly) warm cafe just minutes from the harbour. I had a delicious brownie with a free helping of whipped cream.


Cafe Haiti

The reason we were heading to the harbour was to board a boat to go Whale watching in the North Atlantic Ocean! I was a little worried about being on a boat as I had a frightening experience off the coast of Ireland, the waves were so un-expectably huge it felt like being in a washing machine and the crew did a body count. Luckily my worries were unfounded and the sea was a still as can be.


Me onboard the boat showcasing the beautiful ‘Floatation Suit’ and my Pentax K1000

Within 10 minutes of leaving the harbour we spotted a whale and then were treated to an incredible display by a pod of dolphins. This was the first whale i’ve ever seen and the closest i’ve ever been to dolphins, a moment to remember for sure. All together we were on the boat for 4 hours but the time flew by and before I knew it we were heading back to the fog engulfed harbour.




We were due to take a trip out to central Iceland to see the northern lights but we’ve decided to reschedule due to the cloudy weather conditions. So we wandered around the streets of the capital, Reykjavik, which included  seeing the much-recommended and beautiful Tjörnin pond (although its more like a lake). Due to the closeness of the airport, every now and then you get to see a plane flying low across the horizon, a surreal sight above such a quiet city.


Tomorrow we have another full day, I’m really excited to be trying out the Lomochrome Purple Film in my Pentax and seeing more of this incredible island.


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