2016 Travel Highlights

To celebrate the end of an eventful year I have compiled my personal travel highlights. Feel free to comment your favourite 2016 travel moments and recommend trips for 2017! Japan Japan was a brilliant 24 day adventure, I am already planning my return. The biggest highlight  was climbing Mt.Fuji, my first ever mountain climb. It was both…

Pentax Portraits

Using my  Pentax K1000 (and Portra 160 film) I set out to shoot my first set of portraits on my new camera. IG:@madisonbeachphotos

Winter Wander//35mm

As an early christmas present (to myself) I got a new camera! A Pentax K1000, I opted to begin with a 50mm lens but  will be trying out all the alternatives in the new year. This is the first time I have owned a fully manual 35mm camera and it’s already my new favourite. To…

Visiting Burning of the Clocks for the first time

Yesterday with my Japan travel buddy Juna I visited the Burning of the Clocks in Brighton. It far exceeded my expectations with thousands of people taking part and spectating.  The annual event celebrates winter solstice and ends with fireworks and literally burning clocks in a big bonfire on the beach. I can’t believe I’ve never…

Fog Capture

With flights delayed and traffic jams around the country I grabbed my camera to capture the nuisance, fog. It was incredibly beautiful with the sheep camouflaged and fog rolling through the hills looking like clouds. I also finished my first roll of film on my new Pentax K1000 which is currently being developed, I am very…

Seaside Shots

Aside from my 3 years at university I have always lived somewhere along the south coast of England. I love the sea & atmosphere and have taken thousands of photos in the past few years. Here is my latest 35mm roll of film capturing the adventures on this very breezy edge of England (plus a…

The Colours of Budapest

From the maps, cathedrals and stairways to the walls, statues and money, colour is everywhere in Budapest.   IG:@madisonbeachphotos

Black & White Budapest

Black and white images from my time travelling with 3 school friends around one of my new favourite European capital cities, Budapest. The city is a blend of old & new and is saturated with beautiful views and architecture.   My next post ‘Colours of Budapest‘ will be posted Thursday.    

Birmingham Christmas Market

Just over a week ago I had a great time visiting Bristol for the first time including the christmas market. This week its the turn of the Birmingham German Christmas market. The market was busy and full of brightly coloured stalls offering a mixture of food and gifts.   IG:@Madisonbeachphotos        

Brighton By Night (35mm)

Shot while catching a cold and looking for new angles in my hometown of Brighton. This was my first time using Portra 160 film at night and I’m very pleased with the outcome. Apart from a little bit of cropping and dust removal I’ve not edited the images. IG:@Madisonbeachphotos

Brighton By Day (35mm)

Recently I spent the whole day doing my favourite thing, browsing charity shops for quirky unloved film cameras and photographing my hometown. Look out for my next post ‘Brighton By Night’ for the second part of this collection IG:@madisonbeachphotos