24 Hours In Bristol. Well 23..

The day started in the morning mist at 7am as we boarded the first of two trains to Bristol. The only direct train from Brighton to Bristol takes 3.5 hours. There was a severe lack of legroom but magazines and music kept me occupied. Then as we arrived into Westbury, just a couple of stops…

Cycling with a Fish-Eye

Since getting my new fixed gear bike last month I have been wanting to go out and capture a journey with a camera. I chose my fish-eye as it’s light, sturdy and would hopefully capture both the bike and some of the surroundings. Due to being a film camera it was difficult to know what I was…

Brighton From Above

Yesterday I braved the remnants of Storm Angus to ride on the i360 for the first time. The pod slowly glided up 450ft allowing views across Brighton and the South Downs. Luckily the sun shone through as we ascended creating some strong contrasts and shadows.

New Video: Fundamental (A Photographic Survey)

While living in Seaford I wanted to create a project to focus on. Very quickly it became clear that I  was being drawn to the beautifully peaceful seafront. Often being blown along by what felt like gale-force winds I photographed the seafront at least 3 times a week. Sometimes to no avail but sometimes capturing something new….

Brighton X London (35mm)

A mixture of snapshots from my hometown Brighton and the capital. I love both cities for very different reasons. Brighton will be my true home no matter where I live and the sea is always a welcome sight. London may be full of moody people but thats counteracted by the architecture, optimists and well-worth attending galleries,…

Photographing Verona

Just an hours’ train ride away from Venice lies Verona. A formally walled city, it offers high-end shops, irresistible pastry shops and a roman amphitheatre.  These photographs are from my time in Verona and lakeside town of Sirmione (well worth a visit). http://www.madisonbeach.com IG:@Madisonbeachphotos

35mm Snapshots of Italy

I shot 4 (and a half) rolls of film during my short time in Italy, these shots were all taken on Portra 160 film with my beloved Pentax. The Portra worked well with  both the foggy Lake Garda and autumnal colours. And some medium-format bonus shots: IG:@Madisonbeachphotos http://www.madisonbeach.com

Photographing Venice

Venice is a city I will never tire of exploring nor photographing: I am currently developing the 4 rolls of film I shot in Italy and will post them here as soon as I scan them. http://www.madisonbeach.com IG:@madisonbeachphotos

48 Hours In Verona

After catching the train from Venice we arrived mid-afternoon finding ourselves at a busy Verona train station. Using a printed map we found our helpfully central hotel after a 20 minute walk dragging our cases over the uneven marbled pavements. The receptionist was incredibly bubbly and pointed us to our first floor room. The twin room was above the  hotel…