Japan Diary: Day 022

Day 022:

I am writing this tipsy and tired after toasting our last night in Tokyo. So apologies in advance.

We woke up on our last full day here in Japan to rain. We thought this might hopefully make it easier to leave but somehow I doubt it.

We got ourselves ready in the cleanest and most uncreased clothes we could find and headed to Harajuku (the trendy district). We first visited the main shrine there. Unlike most of the others we’ve seen it wasn’t at the top of a hill (thankfully) and was instead set among a forest backdrop. Even in the rain it was beautiful and Juna and I managed to get through the full praying process without getting the steps mixed up.

The main shopping street was bustling with teenagers and a few tourists. All the shops were wacky with most dedicated to a specific cartoon character or socks… It didn’t take us long to get into the shopping spirit including the buying of novelty socks.

We then felt we should see Tokyo’s Imperial Palace before we go. By the time we got there the palace was shut but most people we have spoken to said its not worth going into the palace as the gardens are better. The gardens were huge and took us an hour to look round. They surround the castle and the moat but are full of bugs that want to bite you. It’s weird having such beautiful gardens and an Imperial Palace in the middle of modern high rise buildings.

Having walked and shopped most of the day we stopped off at an independent burger restaurant. The burgers were so good Juna wanted to go in for a second one but just before she did the zip on her fanny-pack broke and she lost the courage too.

For our final night we headed to Shinjuku where Juna got her wish of more food. We watched it being made right in front of us as we sat in a small bar drinking Japanese spirits and vodka. And rather dramatically as Juna took her first bite of noodles, Celine Dion came on, all very bizarre and weirdly not the first time we’ve heard My Heart Will Go On this trip.
We then left to get the last train home while coming up with hypothetical reasons we can’t get on our flight tomorrow. After stocking up with midnight snacks at the local convenience store we had to stumble around the 10 other beds in our dorm in pitch black to get to our beds. Hopefully we didn’t wake anyone up, but from the shuffling I heard I think we may have.



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