Japan Diary: Day 021

Day 021:

Today we began by waving off our new friends Eddy and Eric as they left to make their way to Mt.Fuji. And with Juna bandaging her blister up using one too many plasters making it look like a dramatic war wound we were ready to go.

We first returned to Ueno park, home of the National Tokyo Museum which houses original Japanese artworks dating back centuries. Unfortunately we got there and it was a children (plus their parents) only day. We considered tagging along with a Japanese family but thought it may look at bit too obvious. So instead we enjoyed the free entertainment of the park buskers. There was a brilliant band made up of 3 women whose energy and enthusiasm in the heat was as good as their musical talent. Their rendition of Under The Sea was a particular favourite. The most hilarious bit came when a cute kid started dancing with the band, but temptation proved too much and he starting stealing money out of their box. This led to his mum running up embarrassed and teaching him how to return stolen money.

We’ve both been wanting to get a few souvenirs from Japan so we decided our next trip should be to the Skytree. A massive, mad shopping centre in the base of the tallest tower in the world. On the subway I got talking to an Australian guy who had just arrived from Korea. For the first time I was the one able to give advice on where to visit, I felt the pressure. I was extremely jealous, after Japan he is traveling through Indonesia and then around Europe.

We then arrived at Skytree and started the most successful shopping spree. We got everything we wanted including a Tokyo mascot teddy bear and some clothes. Although by far the worst purchase we made was ice-cream. We both got different flavours but had the same reaction. Despite the flavours being tasty both ice-creams had a weird fishy aftertaste. Something which doesn’t go well with tiramisu flavour. After a few spoonfuls I had to throw it away.

This evening we met our friend Shiori who lives in Tokyo. We were planning to go for dinner in Shinjuku but it was too busy and crowded as it was the Godzilla Japanese sequel premiere. There was security everywhere and film fans camping out. So instead we took the subway a couple of stops to a smaller suburb and home of Shiori’s favourite sushi restaurant.

The restaurant works by you taking a ticket and waiting for your number to be called (a bit like a glamorous Argos) but as our number was so far down the line we decided to visit the arcade next door while we waited. Within the arcades are crazy photo booths which make you stand in ridiculous poses then lets you edit them. Although initially sceptical it turned out to be a good laugh and it prints out stickers of the photos for you to keep (or throw away never to be seen again).

The restaurant was brilliant with the sushi conveyor belt winding around all the restaurant booths. The food was really tasty and super cheap for Tokyo, it came to £14 for all 3 of us, and you don’t tip in Japan so a cheap night out all round. The weather is meant to be bad tomorrow so we’re going to plan the day in the morning.



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