Japan Diary: Day 019

Day 019

Hiroshima & Tokyo 

Sadly this morning we were checking out of our nicest hostel yet; with comfy beds, a modern common room/kitchen and 10 showers which were as nice as any hotel.

On our way down in the lift from the 6th floor, where we had been staying, an American student jumped in to go down just the one floor. Within the space of going this one floor she fitted in as many words as humanly possible. She introduced herself, where she was from, what she’s doing in Japan and where we should go in Tokyo. I’ve never heard anyone fit so much information into 10 seconds. It was incredible, Juna and I were left speechless and unable to get a word in. She was extremely friendly and wished us luck on the next stage of our journey.

We then arrived characteristically early for our train, 2 hours early. Luckily we stumbled upon a concert in the underground walkway to the station. Everyone was dressed up in the Hiroshima baseball kit with 2 girls on stage singing and dancing. They were then followed by what looked like a Japanese motivational speaker. The crowd lapped it up and chanted with him. We felt a bit perplexed by the situation but enjoyed it all the same.

The ‘underground’ concert 

The train journey back to Tokyo was just over  4 hours. Luckily I purchased a Chupa Chup lollipop before we boarded which was so hard to open it kept me and Juna baffled/occupied for a good half an hour. The rest of the time we caught up on some much needed sleep.

We then arrived in Tokyo mid rush hour with 2 big suitcases and had to cross the main square to get to another station. Worst idea ever. By the end of it I was feeling light-headed after using 90% of my oxygen apologising to people for running over their feet.
After checking in at the hostel we spent the evening in the Shinjuku district, our favourite spot for Tokyo nightlife. Just outside the station was a crazy magician with bleached blonde hair. His comedy was better than his magic and when he pulled a member of the public out of the audience to take part he was completely out-shined. But he still managed to pull in a big crowd who loved the free Saturday night street show.

After a wander around the mad Shinjuku, which included accidentally ending up in a very sleazy area where in the establishments you had to pay 1000¥ an hour for their ‘services’, we made a hasty and tired retreat to the station. At the station I ended up having to hold in laughter more than ever. A poor women went down the ‘up’ escalator and ended up running on the spot and staying in the same place for a good minute before getting taken back up again completely exhausted.

Shinjuku cinema

After a long day with a lot of traveling we are having an early(ish) night. Tomorrow we are checking out the Anime District and getting food from the game themed cafes there which should be a lot of fun.



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