Japan Diary: Day 018

Day 018:

After a long day yesterday we decided to take it slow on our last day here in Hiroshima. After a lovely lie-in till 11, I managed to convince Juna to visit an incinerator plant on the outskirts of Hiroshima. I had heard about the plant a while back as it’s designed by one of my favourite architects Taniguchi Yoshio, who also designed MOMA in New York. We arrived there after a 20 minute journey on a bus with a wooden floor and a women who insisted every stop we went past was our stop.

Expecting a faint smell of garbage we were actually greeted with an incredibly strong scent of Soy sauce from the factory next door. Not exactly pleasant but also doesn’t make your breakfast reappear.

The incineration plant is made up of glass and metal allowing you to see the internal workings. It’s also on the water front with a viewing space allowing you to see across the water. At this point,Juna and I, both raised in Brighton, realised how much we had missed the sea after being inland for 3 weeks. Overall I was incredibly impressed by the building and views and would definitely recommend the short trip from the city centre for any fans of clean, slick architecture.

Next up to visit was Hiroshima Castle, originally constructed in 1589 and rebuilt after the atomic bomb. It was much bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside and had a brilliant exhibition on Samurai culture and the battles over the control of the castle through the ages. The best part though was the 5th floor viewing platform giving a 360 view of Hiroshima. And it wasn’t too busy so we had plenty of time to take in the view.

The Castle and moat 

View from the 5th floor 

Getting ready for leaving tomorrow we then strolled to the train station to reserve tickets for the 5 hour journey to Tokyo. Right next to the station is a baseball stadium with a match being played this evening. It was great to see everyone on their way to the game all dressed up including lots of women and children. What was great was all the station staff who worked in the shops were dressed up in the Hiroshima kit, it was a great atmosphere and we wish we could have caught a game before we leave.

We then had an evening stroll back home to our hostel, the best one yet, taking in Hiroshima for the last night. It was the busiest yet calmest city I’ve ever seen on a Friday night. Even if we did have to wade through people ‘catching’ Pokemon.

On our return to the hostel I realised the hot chocolate I bought to have before bed was in fact coffee and  then found Juna’s green painting ink leaked across her duvet and mattress. Never a dull moment.



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