Japan Diary: Day 016

Day 016:

Kyoto & Hiroshima 
This morning we woke up bright and early to catch our train to Hiroshima. The train station is a 40 minute, warm bus journey from our hostel,but just as we were about to leave and head to the bus stop the manager of the hostel knocked at our door. Not only did he then carry our ridiculously heavy bags down the steep hostel stairs but he offered us a free lift to the station with his wife as she was heading into town. I wasn’t even surprised by him offering this as he’s been as friendly and helpful as you can get over the last few days.

His wife dropped us off at the station with plenty of time for our train allowing a doughnut consuming pit-stop. What then followed was a set of mini-disasters, including Juna getting on the wrong train.

The right train

When we arrived in Hiroshima another minor disaster happened. As Juna was reaching in her bag for change to get the bus she heard the clanging of keys. Keys to the hostel we left in Kyoto, now 220 miles away.

With a quick email sent to the hostel owner to tell him we’ll be posting the keys first class we jumped on the bus. We knew the name of the stop we had to get off at in English but we got too complacent and didn’t translate it into Japanese before the journey. Unlike all the other cities we’ve visited, none of the bus announcements or signs were in English.

After asking numerous people on the bus, all of whom tried their best to help, we ended getting off at a random stop. Then getting straight back on again when we realised we had gone in a full circle and were back at the station. With the help of the bus driver who decided it was time to step in to save further embarrassment we found the right stop.

After finding our hostel easier than we thought, we dumped our bags and went exploring the area we are staying in. Aside from being famous for being hit by the worlds first atomic bomb I had no idea what to expect from Hiroshima. But what we saw tonight I really liked. It’s a young, vibrant city and we’ve heard it has good nightlife at the weekends.

The entrance to our hostel 

Midway thorough our exploring/getting lost it started to pour down. Luckily we we were right beside a 5-floor arcade. After watching two guys play a reaction game, sort-of like a dance mat for your hands, we had a go ourselves. Turned out they made it look extremely easy. All the games in the arcade have their volume up at 100% so trying to concentrate on anything with the wall of noise is a talent in itself. After a few goes we opted for something easier, Mario Kart. Thankfully I won so no one had to witness me being a sore loser just a bad winner.

As we both hit a wall of tiredness from the days traveling and shenanigans we decided to head back for an early night. As we walked down our street there was a giant tortoise just chilling in a box on the pavement. All very odd but just another day in Japan.

When we got back to the hostel, we were ready to crash into our beds. Only problem was, unlike the other places we’ve stayed in,you have to make your own bed. Each bed capsule comes with its own bewildering instructions, making our ‘bedburgers’ awake with our eyes shut wasn’t easy. I’m going to sleep surrounded by two spare pillow case covers, 2 sheets and a duvet all in 28 degree heat. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day visiting the atomic dome and visiting the museums dedicated to educating people on the event.



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