Japan Diary: Day 001 

Day 001:

London to Tokyo (Via Dubai)

I am writing this after having 3 hours sleep in the last 2 days and am currently on the top bunk in a capsule hostel. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my words together.

My bed for the night, complete with squashed croissant which I stole from the plane

The adventure started at Gatwick where after a 40 minute delay we got going. I knew it was going to be a fun flight when the people in front reclined their seats within 30 seconds of take off allowing me next to nothing on the leg room front. Severe turbulence then kicked in, but luckily I had the first series of the Night Manager to re-watch and Juna had Tangled to take our minds off it. We then finally flew into Dubai just minutes after the sun set allowing us a night time view of the man-made landscape. It was beautiful and something I look forward to seeing in daylight when we fly home.

The view of Dubai

After a 2 hour stopover at Dubai we boarded our 3am flight. I was already so tired I fell asleep on the shuttle bus to the plane. As we boarded the plane irony kicked in, playing over the tannoy was Flying Without Wings but it was then swiftly followed by I believe I Can Fly just to reassure any nervous passengers I assume. We both managed to get a couple of hours sleep before we were woken for ‘dinner’ at 5am. Although I can think of worse ways to eat your dinner then watching the sun rise over the earth.
Before we got to Gatwick I had done my fair share of research including how to get to the first hostel and what train to get. Turns out my map was faulty and our train was cancelled. But although it took us quadruple the time it should have to find the hostel we were helped by hundreds of Japanese locals and more knowledgeable tourists than us (not too hard to find), they were all extremely friendly and went out of their way to help. Often spotting our confused faces from afar and running up with google maps already loaded on their phones to help.
We are staying for just one night in this hostel in Asakusa before we head further into the centre of Tokyo for a few days. So we decided although we were jet lagged we didn’t want the evening to go to waste and went on a quick walk around the area with our cameras and newly purchased Japanese drinks of which we have no idea of the ingredients. Am now looking forward to sleep and more traveling tomorrow!

Asakusa Temple



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