Photography, Technology and Me (Sponsored Post)

Photography, Technology and Me

As long as I can remember technology has effected my photography and ideas. From my first ever snap-shot to my latest projects it has shaped the way I work and create.My first ever image (below) remains one of my favourite, not least because it turned out half-decent but it represents a day I spent with my family and the point and shoot camera my mum put me in charge of.

I didn’t become aware of the in-camera potential until I started studying photography at the age of 16 where I was introduced to DSLR’s. I immediately fell in love with the experimental side of DSLR’s and in-particular, the use shutter speeds.

My final college project surrounded the use of slow shutter speeds and fire. It was created through hours of trial and error (often the result of using new technology):

Photography technology doesn’t just come in the form of cameras. Photoshop is one of the most well-known and used editing tools, the one I used to edit my portrait exhibited as part of the Brighton Biennial 2012.  But the more and more I looked to editing tools to create the ‘look’ I wanted, the less I was enjoying my photography. Which is when I was introduced to film photography by my college tutor. It immediately put the fun back into photography and I found my second home- the darkroom.

Ever since being introduced to film photography I have shot around 3 films a week- a mixture of 35mm and medium format and it remains my favourite method of capturing shots. But despite my love of film photography I have been drawn into the use of camera phones to capture snap-shot moments. As phone quality increases the temptation to take the heavy medium format out the bag and leave the phone in the pocket increases. I was recently introduced to a company called Light and their new camera technology, created to combine the quality of a DSLR camera with the size of a smartphone which shows that camera technology is always evolving and improving. But for me, project wise, nothing will replace the quality and experimental potential of DLSR’s and film cameras. Although, between projects the phone camera has become my travel companion:

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