Found Part 4

I recently came across 100’s of negatives in a basket at the back of a second hand shop with most of the ones dated dating back to the 1960’s. I couldn’t not buy them so I made a deal with the shop keeper and very kindly ended up getting the basket thrown in for free.  I…

New Film Developed

I have just developed 4 rolls of 35mm fisheye and medium format photographs from the last two weeks. Here are some of my favourites: Brighton   Paris/Bordeaux   My Website

A couple of new short films

As part of my experimental narrative module at university I have created two new experimental films: Here and There: For this video we were given the title of ‘Here and There’ and to represent two places (here and there) using a moving image piece. For this video I wanted to represent how I felt when…


Shots from my recent visit to Bordeaux, definitely worth a visit.   My Tumblr My Website